Community Social Pediatrics impact assessments

Evaluation overview and executive summary for Garage à Musique


Since 2009, the Garage à musique has been deploying a unique program for learning and practicing music with young people in the Hochelaga-Maisonneuve area. Combined with the practice of community social pediatrics and school follow-up adapted to the child’s needs, this program aims to reduce the risk factors leading to juvenile crime and gang membership. The Garage à musique engages social pediatrics workers, volunteers, school network partners, families and the community. They all work together to offer young people a stimulating and safe environment that is conducive to the growth and development of their full potential.

The evaluation of the Garage à musique program aims to highlight the key aspects of its implementation for the three components of the program (musical learning, follow-up in the social pediatrics clinic and support for school-based learning).

More specifically, the research project makes it possible to describe:
• The clientele (youth and their families) and their participation in the project
• The activities and resources (material, human and organizational) required
• Satisfaction with the project
• Challenges and lessons learned


Principal researcher: Anne-Marie Piché, École de travail social, Université du Québec à Montréal


2011 to 2016

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