The Community Social Pediatrics Institute

The Community Social Pediatrics Institute

The Community Social Pediatrics approach was created by pediatrician Gilles Julien in the 1990s, with the collaboration of numerous partners from the health and social services, school and community sectors. In the 2000s, lawyer-mediator Hélène (Sioui) Trudel enhanced this model by developing tools to promote access to justice and respect for all children’s rights as set out in the Convention on the Rights of the Child. To achieve this, the model relies on the genuine participation of children and their families, as well as on conflict prevention and resolution methods. Since then, this model of integrated social medicine has become increasingly popular with communities and professionals working with children experiencing difficulties. To pass on the knowledge acquired through shared experience and social innovation, the Fondation Dr Julien has created the Community Social Pediatrics Institute.

Our mission

The Community Social Pediatrics Institute helps build a community of practice based on respect for all the fundamental rights set out in the Convention on the Rights of the Child. It offers tools through training courses designed for anyone interested in integrating the principles and knowledge of Community Social Pediatrics into their professional or personal lives, in Quebec and elsewhere in the world. This model of integrated social medicine aims to care for, accompany and empower children in vulnerable situations, by preventing and countering the impact of toxic stresses on their overall health, through a collaborative and committed approach.

Our team


Myriam Hivon

Director, Community Social Pediatrics Institute

Design, coordination and research teams

Annabelle Mazoyer


Communications Coordinator
clinical section

Ingrid Vercile


Assistant to the Director of The CSPI and the Bureau de l'accompagnement et de la certification

Marie-Ève Lapointe


Pedagogical Designer, Continuing Education

Céline Desjardins


Pedagogical designer,
university certificate

Ketty Marradi


Training and Accreditation Program Coordinator

Marie-Ève Turcotte


Scientific support agent for practice improvement

David Guillemette


Pedagogical technologist and training portal manager

Maha Cherid


D-CODE Workshops coordinator, community training

Content experts

Dr. Gilles Julien

Pediatrician, Clinical Director and founder of CSP

Dre Gaëlle Vekemans

Pediatrician, Assistant Clinical Director

Hélène (Sioui) Trudel

Lawyer, mediator, Director of Integrated Law and Social Innovation, and co-founder of Fondation Dr Julien

Teams from the Community Social Pediatrics centers in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve and Côte-des-Neiges

The team at Garage à musique, the first specialized center for social pediatrics

Teams from designated Community Social Pediatrics centers.

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Montréal, QC H1V 1Z5

(514) 527-3777

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