University Training

University Training

The Community Social Pediatrics Institute offers various clinical internships aimed at introducing students to CSP and training them in its unique approach. These internships are for university students enrolled in medicine (pediatrics, family medicine, child psychiatry, preventive medicine), nursing, law, social work, psychoeducation, occupational therapy, art therapy, music therapy and special education (college level).

The internship immerses the student in a CSPC (Community Social Pediatrics Centre) under the supervision of a clinician. The student spends 14 to 24 hours per week at the clinic for 1 to 8 months, depending on the specific requirements of the student’s program.

This internship is an opportunity to acquire practical experience in an integrated social medicine setting and to assess competencies in CSP. It enables students to:

    1. Fully understand the characteristics of the CSP model.
    2. Foster its personal and professional integration within a multidisciplinary and intersectoral work team.
    3. Situate their competencies in the practice of their profession within an integrated social medicine framework.
    4. Participate in CSP projects under the supervision of CSP professional .
    5. Discover the many aspects involved in running a social enterprise like a CSPC.

The Community Social Pediatrics Institute also offers fellowship programs in medicine and law.

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Graduate Certificate in Community Social Pediatrics

The Community Social Pediatrics Institute, in collaboration with McGill University’s Department of Family Medicine, is presently developing a Graduate Certificate in Community Social Pediatrics. This program will be offered in 2023.

This graduate certificate will provide students with theoretical and practical knowledge in caring for and supporting children in difficult living conditions whose development is compromised by multiple sources of stress. It is an interdisciplinary program designed for students who have already completed a bachelor’s degree in medicine, nursing, law, social work or education, and for professionals in these fields of practice who wish to broaden their knowledge and competencies in social pediatrics.

It will consist of 15 credits and be offered in both English and French. All courses will adopt a hybrid format consisting of online synchronous and asynchronous learning.

Courses (15 credits)

    1. Living conditions, toxic stress and child development (3 credits)
    2. Collective knowledge and methods in community social pediatrics (3 credits)
    3. Integrating the rights of the child into practice (3 credits)
    4. Decoding the verbal and nonverbal language of children (3 credits)
    5. Immersion internship in community social pediatrics (3 credits)

For more information on the Graduate Certificate in Community Social Pediatrics, please contact:

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