Training Program

For Community Social Pediatrics professionals

The CSPI offers a continuing professional development program designed specifically for professionals in the health sciences, social sciences and legal fields who work at, or in partnership with, community social pediatrics centres (CSPCs). Aimed at fostering continuous improvement in practice, our programs are offered in a variety of online, in-person and hybrid learning formats that we continually update in response to the needs of our different target publics.

Our Continuing Professional Development comprises three components:

  1. An Introductory Program
  2. An advanced program
  3. Complementary training courses

Introductory Program

This program is the starting point for any practice in CSP. Its objective is to ensure that all professionals working in the CSP network have a common understanding of the approach.

All new employees in a CSPC must complete the training modules of the Introductory Program listed in their profile before advancing to other training programs. For physicians, completing the Introductory Program is required by Quebec’s Ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux.

Advanced program

The Guided Reflection Program has been designed specifically for residents, medical externs and clinical intervention trainees. It is intended to enable you to make links between your academic and professional pathways, and the approach advocated in CSP. This program is guided by observation activities and readings that will serve as a reference point throughout your internship.

Complementary Training Courses

Complementary training courses are designed to deepen the practice of CSP through the co-construction of knowledge and the sharing of experiences. These collective learning and exchange spaces, adapted to all levels of experience, will enable you to tackle the subjects, themes and questions that concern you daily as a CSP practitioner and professional.