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A Different Kind of Care – The Social Pediatric Approach


Are there other treatments besides Ritalin and antibiotics that can be offered? Is there a medicine based on trust, listening and the will to find solutions? By applying social pediatrics in his daily practice, Dr. Gilles Julien sees how much we can relieve children’s ailments, both physically and psychologically.

“A Different Kind of Care” explains why caring for children must take into account the context in which they evolve and how to apply Community Social Pediatrics. Using real-life experiences from his practice, the author demonstrates how this approach can truly help children. Dr. Julien does not give miracle recipes. He proposes a form of pediatrics that is better adapted to the problems that our children are currently experiencing.

A Different Kind of Carewill benefit parents looking for solutions as well as health care professionals and those who work with children on a daily basis.


Dr. Gilles Julien


Pages: 296 pages
Publisher: Logiques (4 mars 2004)
ISBN-10: 2893819044
ISBN-13: 978-2893819044

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