The clinical process in Community Social Pediatrics

This training session will enable you to get at the heart of assessment/course of action and become familiar with each of the steps that are part of community social pediatrics’ unique clinical process.


Duration: 180 minutes (3 hours)
Format: Online module
Target audience: Medicine, nursing, clinical follow-up lead, law and mediation, follow-up/support, general management, client reception, clinical direction, clinical coordination
Recognized by: Médecins francophones du Canada (MFC)
Cost: 40$CAD / Free for CSPC professionals


In community social pediatrics, assessment/course of action refers to the meeting between the clinical team and the child, family and key people in the child’s life. A unique clinical process lies at the heart of this and all follow-up meetings, which uses the EEDA method (Establishing, Exchanging, Decoding and Action) and relies on a collaborative effort, where the child is always the focus of the discussion.

By watching a film illustrating a CSP meeting, you will discover the fictional story of Simon, a young boy struggling with behaviour problems in school, and become familiar with each of the steps in the clinical process used in assessment/course of action.

Throughout this interactive session, you will also have the opportunity to watch interviews with three experienced community social pediatrics professionals who will share their views on CSP know-how, each person’s role, as well as behaviours to incorporate (or avoid!) during assessment/course of action.

Enjoy the training session!


  • Differentiate the steps in the CSP clinical process and understand your role in the process and within the context of collaborative intervention (collective know-how).
  • Recognize which attitudes and actions taken during the assessment/course of action meeting help you to put into practice the EEDA method (Establishing, Exchanging, Decoding and Action).

Excerpt from the companion film

Training Team

Dr. Gilles Julien – Social Pediatrician and Founder of the Fondation Dr Julien
Dr. Gaëlle Vekemans – Social Pediatrician, La Ruelle d’Hochelaga CSPC
Claudia Bascunan – Social Worker and Clinical Coordinator, Atlas, Côte-des-Neiges CSPC

Production team

  • Myriam Hivon, Director, Community Social Pediatrics Institute
  • Anthony Bergeron – Educational designer
  • David Guillemette – Technopedagogical specialist
  • Nene Tucci – Voice over
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Course Includes

  • 9 Lessons