4th Symposium

Scientific Café: How can we transform the environment to improve children’s health-related quality of life ?

Speakers: Katherine Frohlich, Jean-Patrick Toussaint, Juan Torres and Dr. Louis Drouin

Medicine at the Université de Montréal School of Public Health. In this scientific café, Katherine Frohlich draws attention to the paradox that exists between the willingness to design safe public play areas for children and the necessity to let them take risks in order for them to develop fully.

Jean-Patrick Toussaint, Science Projects Manager at David Suzuki Foundation, discusses the consequences of a lack of access to nature on child development and he brings up solutions to improve the situation.

Juan Torres is Associate Professor and Vice-Dean of Graduate Studies of the Faculty of Environmental Design, Université de Montréal. He conveys an urbanistic perspective on the design of realistic enabling environments in order to improve children’s quality of life and well-being. He also underlines the necessity to involve children in the process of designing such environments.

Dr. Louis Drouin is head of the Urban Environment and Health Sector at the Montreal Public Health Department. He describes actions taken in Montreal in order to improve living conditions for families and communities, including actions stemming from citizen mobilization.

A discussion follows in which speakers and the audience address the challenges related to environmental changes in improving children’s health-related quality of life.

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