5th Symposium​

EQUIPE, Intervention program for parenting skills

Speaker: Leila Ben Amor

Dr. Ben Amor is child psychiatrist and researcher at the CHU Sainte-Justine’s research center. She is also an Associate Professor at the Université de Montréal’s Department of Psychiatry and Adjunct Professor at the Université Laval’s Department of Psychiatry.

Her research interests center around early detection (genetic and environmental risk factors), therapeutic interventions and innovation (prevention and curative care) for children with behavior problems. She is vying to better understand the etiology of these problems in order to improve treatment and prevention.

During the past five years, she has focused her work on early interventions with children who have behavior problems. She conducted a research project of a school-based physical activity intervention for children with attention deficit disorder. She is currently studying the metabolic effects of second generation antipsychotics on children and teenagers. She is also carrying out knowledge translation research on the implementation of the ÉQUIPE (www.programmeequipe.com), the French version of COPE, which she developed in collaboration with Dr. Ch. Cunningham (U. McMaster – Ontario) to improve the access and quality of mental health care.

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