Case study

Catherine, vulnerability and resilience


In this short video, Dr. Julien discusses the vulnerability of children followed in CSP. This vulnerability is linked to difficult living conditions and a variety of factors that negatively impact health, also referred to as environmental stressors, and cause a wide spectrum of disorders in children.

To illustrate one such situation of vulnerability and how it is addressed in CPS, Dr. Julien shares the story of 10-year-old Catherine, who is exhibiting learning and behavioural problems.

In this case, the team comes to understand the source of Catherine’s difficulties and her lack of motivation by examining, right from their first clinical meeting, her history of migration and her ecobiodevelopmental framework.

They then put into place a comprehensive action plan to address this situation of vulnerability. It focuses primarily on leveraging Catherine’s resilience and mobilizing some of her greatest strengths, as well as measures to improve the family’s living conditions.

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