CSP Days 2023

Cyberaddiction among young people and adolescents: How can it be prevented and dealt with?

Presentation: Marie-Josée Michaud


In the age of social media, online gaming and constant digital connectivity, young people are facing new forms of addiction that can have a significant impact on their mental health. This workshop will explore the phenomenon of cyberaddiction among children and adolescents, addressing the growing challenges posed by the excessive use of digital technologies. Drawing on the latest data on the subject and concrete examples, this workshop will present the continuum of Internet use (healthy use, hyper-connectivity, cyberaddiction) and the risk and protective factors involved. It will outline the similarities and distinctions with substance use disorders, and suggest tools for detecting problematic Internet use. Finally, it will clarify the role of people working with children in vulnerable situations on the trajectory of addiction services.


  • Marie-Josée Michaud, addiction specialist, Le grand chemin

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