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The Brain Architects Podcast – Building Resilience Through Play

Description de la série

The Brain Architects Podcast est le balado du Center on the Developing Child de l’Université Harvard sur les stress toxiques et l’architecture du cerveau. Le balado se concentre sur les questions spécifiques que se posent les parents et les intervenants durant cette période critique du début de l’enfance.

Description de l’épisode

These days, resilience is needed more than ever, and one simple, underrecognized way of supporting healthy and resilient child development is as old as humanity itself: play. Far from frivolous, play contributes to sturdy brain architecture, the foundations of lifelong health, and the building blocks of resilience, yet its importance is often overlooked. In this podcast, Dr. Jack Shonkoff explains the role of play in supporting resilience and five experts share their ideas and personal stories about applying the science of play in homes, communities, and crisis environments around the world.

*En Anglais seulement.

The Brain Architects: Building Resilience Through Play

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