CSP Days 2023

Sharing initiatives and success stories : Rap au coin de ma rue

Presentation: Au coin de ma rue CSPC team


Au Coin de ma rue CSPC presents a project called “Rap au coin de ma rue”, which aims to help young people express themselves freely and develop their self-esteem through music and rap. Stakeholders, including mental health professionals and mentors, worked with eight young people to help them overcome mental health issues, boost their self-confidence, and create a song entitled “Freedom”. The project enabled the young people to challenge themselves and overcome their fears, and resulted in a rewarding experience for them. Stakeholders note that the current formula works well, but are looking to encourage more young people to take part.  

Presentation context :

This presentation was made in the form of a Pecha Kucha, consisting of a concise oral presentation of 20 slides, each displayed for 20 seconds, for a total of 6 minutes and 40 seconds.


  • Élisa Baldet
  • Dre Anne Gosselin-Brisson
  • Karine Lacasse
  • Caroline Bacon-Villeneuve
  • Sarah-Ève Grant Lefebvre

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