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The Brain Architects Podcast – COVID-19 Special Edition: Creating Communities of Opportunity

Description de la série

The Brain Architects Podcast est le balado du Center on the Developing Child de l’Université Harvard sur les stress toxiques et l’architecture du cerveau. Le balado se concentre sur les questions spécifiques que se posent les parents et les intervenants durant cette période critique du début de l’enfance.

Description de l’épisode

While the current coronavirus pandemic is affecting all of us, it isn’t affecting all of us equally. Some communities—especially communities of color—are feeling the brunt of the virus more than others, in terms of higher rates of infection as well as economic fallout, among many other ways.

In this third special COVID-19 episode of The Brain Architects podcast, host Sally Pfitzer is joined by Dr. David Williams, the Florence Sprague Norman and Laura Smart Norman Professor of Public Health, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, and Professor of African and African American Studies, Harvard Faculty of Arts and Sciences. Dr. Williams discusses ways in which the coronavirus pandemic is particularly affecting people of color in the U.S., and what that can mean for early childhood development. He also pinpoints the importance of creating “communities of opportunity” that will allow all families to thrive—both during and after this pandemic.

Upcoming episodes of this special podcast series will focus on domestic violence, and the mental health implications of a global pandemic. Subscribe below via your podcast platform of choice to receive all new episodes as soon as they’re released.

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The Brain Architects Podcast: COVID-19 Special Edition: Creating Communities of Opportunity

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