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The Brain Architects Podcast – COVID-19 Special Edition: Domestic Violence and Shelter-In-Place

Description de la série

The Brain Architects Podcast est le balado du Center on the Developing Child de l’Université Harvard sur les stress toxiques et l’architecture du cerveau. Le balado se concentre sur les questions spécifiques que se posent les parents et les intervenants durant cette période critique du début de l’enfance.

Description de l’épisode

Shelter-in-place orders are meant to help protect our communities from the current coronavirus pandemic. But for some people, home isn’t always a safe place. For those who are experiencing domestic violence, or believe they know someone one who is, what options are available to stay both physically healthy and safe from violence?

In this fourth episode of our COVID-19 series of The Brain Architects, host Sally Pfitzer speaks with Dr. Tien Ung, Program Director for Impact and Learning at FUTURES without Violence. Prior to her work at FUTURES, Tien spent five years as the Director of Leadership and Programs at the Center on the Developing Child.

Tien discusses important, practical steps those at home can take to keep themselves and their children safe, as well as strategies others can use if they think someone they know may be experiencing domestic violence. She also addresses the resilience of survivors, and what our communities can do both during and after COVID to listen to and engage in real responsive relationships with adults and children alike.

*En Anglais seulement.

The Brain Architects Podcast: COVID-19 Special Edition: Domestic Violence and Shelter-In-Place

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